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The Sophistication of Sparkling Swiss Marcasite

The Sophistication of Sparkling Swiss Marcasite

Marcasite is a gemstone that has a rich history, and has been a jewellery staple for centuries.

What we know as Marcasite jewelry is actually made from `iron pyrite' - commonly known as `fool's gold'. Pyrite has a dark, silver-black hue and looks very similar to Marcasite. However, it is much sturdier and easier to make into jewelry pieces. Pyrite chunks are processed and cut into fine faceted crystals (of different shapes) which are then either set or stuck into a silver base to create Marcasite jewellery.

marcasite fools gold

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In Ancient Times

The oldest references to the use of marcasite as jewelry have come from Peru in South America. Marcasite was also believed to be a favorite of the ancient Greeks.

But it truly gained popularity only in the 18 th century or the Victorian era (1837-1901). During this time Queen Victoria who was in mourning (for her dead husband) chose marcasite jewellery over diamond bling to highlight the solemnity of the occasion. The nobles of her court and of entire Europe followed her lead and so Marcasite jewelry became extremely popular. The Art Nouveau jewelry designers used Marcasite extensively.

Striking Jewellery for Everyone

It is true that Marcasite jewelry gained popularity as an alternative to diamonds. In fact due to its brilliant shine Marcasite is also referred to as `black diamond'. But though they were originally conceived as a less expensive alternative to diamonds, marcasite (pyrite) jewellery pieces have since taken on a special character. Withstanding many changes in jewellery fashion this stone enjoys immense popularity today rivaling that of diamonds and other forms of jewelry.

The durability, affordability and resplendence of the gemstone makes it a popular choice for Art deco style jewellery as well as traditional designs that we conceptualise at KO, ensuring a slice of contemporary in your wardrobe at a reasonable price. Today China and Thailand are the major producers of Marcasite jewellery. In India KO with its manufacturing unit in Karwar is one of the few units that produce this unique type of jewellery .

The sophistication of Marcasite makes it an fresh addition to any ensemble.Marcasite is a great choice for people who want to stand out with their jewelry, without having to pay for expensive pieces.

Silver and Marcasite- the perfect combination

Marcasite is typically set in silver to give the gem a brilliant color contrast.This dark grey, dazzling, semi-precious stone naturally complements the classic charm of silver – making it an unbeatable combination to create stunning pieces with affordable price tags. The beauty of marcasite is that it is applicable for virtually any setting that requires elegance. It has a bright metallic luster, and its dark shimmering surface provides the perfect contrast to the brightness of silver.

The Sparkling Marcasite Collection

At KO, our range of Silver-Marcasite jewellery remains one of the most loved collections – year after year. And for good reason, we reckon.

The matchless sparkle of Marcasite coupled thoughtfully with Sterling Silver (92.5%) in unique, traditional designs by our skilled craftsmen ensures a mesmerizing range of jewellery that lends you a precious gleam without the need to foot the bill of a diamond!

Healing properties of Marcasite

Indigenous cultures in North America used pyrite/marcasite to cure sickness and promote health. It also reportedly helps stabilize your mood and promote positive thinking. Some say it can even improve focus and clear your mind. Conventionally believed to be useful for improving mental clarity, clearing the blood and spleen and in crystal healing, today, these lustrous, sturdy, easy to maintain and versatile gems find favour with women of all age groups.

Thanks to its beauty and affordability, jewellery made with Swiss Marcasite and Silver is unique and very practical – just like the pragmatic woman who knows how to look her gorgeous self without breaking the bank.

At KO, we honour the modern day sensibilities of women and present them a charming ‘Sparkling Marcasite Collection’ that comprises ornate, traditional designs, hand-crafted by our skilled craftsmen at our facility in Karwar, Karnataka.

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