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Zuktika – Handcrafted jewellery to spruce up your office wear

Zuktika – Handcrafted jewellery to spruce up your office wear

Very often, women find it a struggle to choose the perfect accessories for office wear – ones that would add more power to their outfit, adding a touch of elegance, professionalism even – without bogging down the attire with bling.

Jewellery in our latest collection has been chosen to make this choice simpler for you. Presenting our versatile new collection ‘Zuktika’ - Exquisite Mother-of-Pearl & Abalone Jewellery in Silver.

The Zuktika collection is an ode to the modern woman – featuring elegant jewellery that includes minimalistic design earrings and bracelets with geometric shapes. Combining clean lines, modern designs and the lustrous Mother of Pearl and Abalone, these classy pieces in geometrical patterns look as graceful with western formals as Indian. 


Abalone : experience all the colours of the Ocean

Essentially a sea-shell formed naturally from Calcium carbonate as the protective exoskeleton of sea creatures, Abalone is an organic gemstone.It is highly iridiscent giving rise to a range of strong, changeable colors, which make the shells attractive .The colours of the Abalone vary from silvery white, to pink, red and green-red to deep blue, green to purple and reflect all the beautiful hues and moods of the Ocean.

Thought to promote tranquility and harmony Abalone jewellery is quite popular in many parts of the world.

Mother-of-Pearl: the secrets behind the rainbow hues

Zuktika – or, Mother of Pearl in Sanskrit, is the lustrous, iridescent inner layer of shell found in oysters and some other molluscs. The priceless shell, that was traditionally revered more than the pearl in some communities, features a luminous pattern of countless layers that hypnotises one with its beauty.


What’s even more interesting is that the composition of Pearl and Mother of Pearl are the same, while they vary in thickness. They are both organic, and originate from living creatures. Used since ancient times, Mother of Pearl has a distinct multi-coloured effect and faint glow that is extremely attractive.

Mother of Pearl is a protection stone and is believed to bring good fortune and makes for an excellent gift for friends & family. It brings the gentle healing power of the sea and relieves stress while soothing your emotions. Mother of Pearl is also believed to boost creativity and imagination.

All in all, Mother of Pearl is unique and mysteriously beautiful. Just like you – the woman of today.


Zuktika - a collection of designer jewellery at fabulous prices. Flaunt your individuality while maintaining your professional image. Browse the collection here


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Ashlesha - April 26, 2019

In the earrings, every jewellery design of ornament of type looks contemporary attraction to everyone. Your pictures of earrings are more beautiful. Thanks for sharing us!!!

Susmitha Kupalli - November 1, 2017

You explanation of beauty of mother of pearls very nice.

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