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Minimus – Contemporary Work Wear Silver Jewellery

Minimus – Contemporary Work Wear Silver Jewellery

Didn’t you ever wish that an extra fifteen minutes appeared magically while you are rushing to get ready for work?  Well, a carefully selected go-to set of work-wear appropriate jewellery can do that magic for you. First, find a few pieces from our all new office wear collection that match your personal sensibilities and also your office dress-code. Order them online and get them shipped to anywhere in the world. Put these sets on your dressing table, and no more searching for the right jewellery to get dressed for work. The carefully chosen gemstones and designs make it easy for you to  assemble mix-and-match sets out of these ornaments. The colors and motifs are feminine, yet they are not loud or blingy, making them just right for office wear. 

Love a particular design, but want it in a different color, you are very likely to find it, as we offer multiple color options on most of the designs in this collection.


 Work Wear Jewellery and Fashion 

Sleek, compact, non-fussy – choosing the right accessories to complement your professional attire could be tricky. However, when done right, strategically chosen pieces of jewellery could be the perfect seasoning for your work wear – instantly turning around a monotonous piece to minimalistic chic.


It is, indeed, true that we spend an awful lot of time at our workplace. Thus, we want to be comfortably dressed yet exude professionalism and grace. Because what is more powerful than a woman who means business and looks and feels like a million bucks while playing the part?

Be it a client meeting, an in-house presentation, a regular day at work or an office get together in the evening hours – accessorising your outfit with the right jewellery will not only add more power to your ensemble but also make you feel more confident and beautiful about yourself.

To help you find charming pieces that are striking yet small, fuss-free yet eye-catching and affordable yet very elegant – KO jewellery introduces its new range of fine silver jewellery – Minimus. Featuring thoughtfully designed, handcrafted pieces in Sterling Silver (92.5%), the exquisite work wear collection comprises designs like rhodium-plated pendant sets with dainty chains, lightweight earrings, sleek bracelets,  gemstone ear-drops, elegant pearl chains with matching ear-studs, and more.  

All the pieces in the collection feature contemporary designs. The subtle glow of silver is gracefully coupled with semi-precious stones in varied hues – including peridot, garnet, pearl, amethyst and citrine – so that you can choose one that complements your personality as well as your outfit!

Each piece in the collection is as unique as its wearer, ideal to make an elegant statement in a professional environment. At KO, we have worked hard to bring these contemporary designs to life – as an ode to the countless women who are working hard on multiple fronts, managing businesses, households and families with élan.

Explore the collection, here.

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