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Balya – The Silver Connection to Childhood

Balya – The Silver Connection to Childhood

There's no sight more heart-warming or precious than the sight of a newborn. The parents and extended family, everyone wants to shower this joyous new arrival with the best that they can find and offer. In that sense, every child comes into this world with the proverbial 'silver spoon'.

There are many functions and occasions to celebrate as this little bundle of joy continues to grow, and finds new ways to amaze everyone around, with every word they say and every little step they take.

Silver has an enduring part in this process, right from the day the baby is born. From the spoon to feed the first morsel, to the rattle to keep the baby engaged and entertained, and  the cute little round anklets to grace the chubby little feet, silver is inextricably entwined with a baby's life, all the way till they become rambunctious teenagers.

That is why our kids' jewellery collection, all handmade in pure silver, has something for every child. We are happy to announce the arrival of a new addition, a healthy big collection of kids' jewellery - Balya

Why silver remains a preferred precious metal to have around the precious little ones

  • It's pure and safe: Silver is free of toxins and  has germicidal properties.  For centuries, feeding children in silverware was preferred, as silver has unique germicidal properties that keep germs and harmful bacteria at bay. Silver is 100% bacteria free, so you don’t need to sterilize it by boiling the bowl in hot water, even to feed an infant. Just a standard wash and a rinse in hot water is enough. Silver jewellery and toys, too, provide a protective antibacterial shield around the baby, guarding your child against diseases.
  • Doesn't cause allergies:  Silver is non-reactive, so jewellery made of pure silver is suitable for children’s soft and sensitive skin (unlike most of fashion and cosmetic jewellery, which has lead, chromium, mercury and other harmful and allergen causing metals and compounds present in them). Silver doesn’t react with water, air or any organic material. 
  • Stronger Immunity: Silver is known to boost immunity and maintain positive energy around the little ones, keeping them calm and healthy. Silver has the added advantage of cooling down the body. That’s the reason most of the anklets and chains used are made out of silver.

The benign lustre and joyful tinkle of silver jewellery and toys keep the child happily engaged for hours. But as you can see, there are bigger benefits to buy silver articles and ornaments for a kid - whether it's your own baby-boy or baby-girl, a niece or nephew, or a friend's child.

A long tradition of gifting silver to new-borns 

In several traditions, the custom of gifting silver jewellery during various rituals related to childbirth is prevalent since antiquity. On the arrival of a new-born, near and distant family members, friends and even office colleagues usually gift the baby silver objects such as bracelets, spoons and anklets.

In our latest collection, Balya, we pack the goodness of Sterling Silver (92.5%) with a lot of style and elegance. Sturdy, lustrous and exquisitely designed, each piece of jewellery and toy is handcrafted.

Select from an extensive range of Sterling Silver (95%) black beads bracelets, anklets, rattles and much more to show your love and appreciation for a young one around you.

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