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Ear Cuffs and Ear Jackets -- Style tips on hot trends.

Ear Cuffs and Ear Jackets :How to wear these versatile and stylish silver earrings

 The latest trend in jewellery, these earrings have been spotted on every star, celebrity and fashionista. We are talking about ear cuffs and earring jackets, the perfect accessory for today’s multi-tasking woman. We will be launching an exclusive collection of sterling silver ear-cuffs and ear-jackets for you. And this blog is a quick overview on what they are and how to wear them at their stylish best.

 Ear Cuffs: Give your ears a hug of style

 Ear cuffs have been a part of jewellery design for centuries and are seen in South Indian temple jewellery. One of our popular designs, `The Matsyagandha Jhumka’ is a good example. They were also a rage  in the 90’s and were an essential part of the Punk rock look . Now they have made a big comeback, and to match the current sensibilities, the designs are more stylish, modern yet elegant and chic.

Ear-cuffs and their design

Ear cuffs are pieces of jewelry that are designed to hug the upper portion of the ear. The earring is designed in a curved shape that fits snugly around the folds of the outer ear. There are many variations to suit different occasions and tastes.

Ear-cuffs Style Tips

 Ear cuffs are great to highlight beautiful cheekbones and stunning eye make-up. They are also perfect to complement a strapless dress, for times when you’d want to show off your swan-like neck without distractions.   

Earring jackets: From formal to dressy in a jiffy!

Earring jackets are not necessarily flashy but are guaranteed to make people stop and look. That’s the beauty of their unusual design.

Ear-jackets and their design: 

Earring jackets wrap around or dangle from a simple stud earring. But the twist is that there is no connecting element when one sees the earring from a front-view. They can add subtle sparkle in a stud design or completely change the look of studs with a hoop or drop shape. Also known as earring enhancers, front and back earrings and peek-a-boo’ earrings, they are basically an accessory that attaches to the back of your earring and dangles below your earlobe, adding a very cool-girl vibe to your look.

Earring jackets Style Tips: 

With these enhancers, a pair of stud earrings worn to the office can easily convert to dressy styles for evening or change out to match an outfit. Front and back earrings are bang on trend at the moment. They're an update to the stud earring but they are more subtle than drop earrings or chandelier earrings - they're perfect for someone who wants that in-between size. 

Pro- tip:

Ear-Cuffs and Earring Jackets are pretty pieces that are versatile, making them easy to wear with all your looks. Wear them with your hair pulled back so that every angle of the earring can be admired.  

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