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Why and How We Name Our Silver Jewellery - The Deeper Meaning Behind the Beautiful Names


Many of you have admired, appreciated and sometimes even been annoyed with the names of our products. But do you know that we put a lot of effort into naming each and everyone of our beautiful handmade silver jewellery pieces so that each one has a distinct name and not just a product code.

Poised Peacocks and Jewels in Silver

For example Atyuha,Mayukhi, Mayil, Lasaka, Kalapin ,Kumaravahin, Ahirupu , Barha, Galavrata, Barhin, Anulasya, Ahirupu, Kajjara, Mayura, Maruka, Nartaka, Ahibhuj, Neelakanta, Sadhrata, Kundalin, Vanini, Zikhin all mean peacock in Sanskrit while Tavus is Turkish for peacock, Mor is peacock in Hindi and  Navilu means peacock in Kannada. And these are our chosen names for our ever popular peacock motif silver jewellery.


Pretty Parrots,Swans & Eagles Crafted in Silver 

Suka, Pakhi, Kili & Gili all mean parrot and the Suka earrings a as well as the Pakhi Earrings Bangle have parrot motifs on them.Tanuruha means feather and is used as a name for our parrot motif necklace & jhumka.Hamsa and Hamsaka are both swan motif pieces and are so named because the swan is called Hamsa in sanskrit.

Ko's heritage jewellery also consists of numerous pieces with the Gandaberunda (mythical double-headed eagle) motif and the names for these are Dvidha, Dvirupa (two-fold or two forms), Iruthalaipakshi (double headed bird in Tamil) and Rajanya (as the gandaberunda was always used as a royal insignia)

Devotion Beyond Places of Worship

Our collection of Silver Jewellery with `Ganesha and Divinity’ all carry profound names . Akhuratha, Avaneesh, Alampata, Chaturbhuj,Eshanputra, Manomay, Gaja, Tarun, Avighna, Alampata, Varaprada, Gunina,Gajavakra,Haridra,Eeshan, Kirti, Devavrata, Ekadrishta, Durja, Ekadanta, Ekaakshara,Sumukha,Uddanda,Vikat, are all different names of Ganesha.

Aryahi, Annika, Ekaa, Kalika are all names of the mighty Godess Durga.

Godess Laxmi who figures prominently in our Silver Temple Jewellery Collection is known by various names which are used for our jewellery like Pragya, Kamakshi, Deeptha, Paramaa, Pratha, Aroopa, Mahakanya, Bhairavi and Aparajita.

Those pieces which feature Lord Krishna are named Avyukta, Kaliyamardhana, Achala, Anantajit, Nandagopala, Balagopala, Saket, Mohana all different names of the same God.


Gem in the Name

Some of our products are also named on the basis of the gemstones used like Zukti, Mauktika, Meghaja, Rasopala,Ambhasara and Induratna which mean Pearl while Manikya means Ruby.

The Hues of Silver Jewellery

The Colours used in the product also influence the names , for example  Alaktha means red, Shwetha means White and Nila, Nilavarna means dark or blue. Lohita and Rudhira also mean red, Swarna signifies Gold, Rajat denotes silver & Ujjal denotes bright. We also have the very popular Varna jhumka, and varna means colour while Vivarna means `filled with colours’.

Shapes, Motifs and more 

Not just colours our names are also inspired by the shape of the jewellery. The Varga bracelet, earrings,necklace all carry an unusual square shape and are named so because Varga means Square in Sanskrit. Trivrt, Trigarta denote the triangle shape while Sadvrtta means well-rounded.

Amra, Rasala, Rajaphala, Makanda all denote the Paisley or mango shape and so is used to name many pieces that carry this lovely shape. Vartula and Mandala both mean round ,so we have the Mandala pendant and Vartula Jhumka.Parijata, Pauspa, Puspavat, Suryakanti, Makaranda, Pushpita are all names for floral design jewellery.

Our collection of Antique Coin Jewellery also uses ancient Sanskrit words like Pana, Niska, Rupika which all mean coins.

Some names are the result of a sudden bolt of inspiration like Vrttanta (story) - which is the name for one of our designs that carries three different motifs on its multisided panels and almost feels as if a story is unfolding in front of your eyes.


So the next time you pick up something from KO and wear it, revel in the beautiful and unique name of the piece as our products have an identity of their own and not just a product code.

Have suggestions for new names? Please post a comment and you might just see a product name inspired by your comment! 

- Priya Revankar

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