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Two-tone Gold and Silver Jewellery

The preference for Gold or Silver has a long history.Some just love the shine of Gold while for some Silver is what appeals. But why take sides when you can have the best of both? Two-tone jewellery or jewellery with both Silver and Gold tones is beautiful and chic.

It is the perfect complement to both your silver and gold accessories! 

                                                                    The Mayil Antique Silver Peacock Kada

Once upon a time jewelry-wearing required choosing either all gold or all silver. If you wore a silver necklace with a purse that had gold hardware, it was a huge no. But  the hottest trend today  is metal-mixing — pairing burnished gunmetal with bright yellow gold , pale rose gold with oxidized silver, rhodium with copper. Now it’s actually way cuter (and trendy) to actually mix different metal tones to create a unique and stylish look overall.

The look can be seen stacked as bangles, layered as neck chains, dangling from ears — often with multiple metals appearing on the same piece.``There are no rules in terms of metals anymore" as one fashion icon puts it.

Metal-mixing  is definitely fashionable. The many-metals aesthetic  (which first gained popularity between 1935 and 1950) has persisted. Today, it's more present than ever — in rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings alike.                 


The Varga Silver Nakkasi Pendant (Two-tone)

 At KO we offer a range of Sterling Silver (92.5%) Jewellery in the Two-Tone Gold/Silver finish.Right from trendy lightweight earrings (perfect for a casual outing) to ornate jhumkas in big size as well as small.We even have pendants with the Two-Tone finish. Click on the collection of Two-Tone Jewellery to view all these pieces in one place (


The Kamakshi Silver Earrings (Two-tone)

Creating Two-Tone Jewellery requires skill and expertise , usually the part that is to be Silver-toned is covered with special glue and the entire piece is gold-dipped. Then the glue is removed carefully and the silver part is polished or oxidized depending on what kind of look is desired.          


 So go ahead and mix and match your way to a fabulous work style that you can rock at the office or out with the girls.Mixing silver and gold  is gorgeous when you do it well. It is also an avante-garde and attention-grabbing way of accessorizing your look.

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