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The Varna Bali-Jhumka

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The Varna jhumka-bali can match the brightest of your moods. Bright red enamel colour and a row of swiss marcasite stones is used to decorate this pure silver bali- jhumka while beautiful round pearls droplets hang at the bottom of the jhumka. This is a smaller than medium sized jhumka and can be worn throughout the day. It is also a lightweight jhumka which makes it an ideal jhumka-earring for girls.

Product Details

Measurements: Widthof jhumka :0.6 inch; Height : 1.6 inches

Gemstones used: Freshwater Pearl, Swiss marcasite.

Place of Origin: Karwar Ornaments, Karwar (Karnataka), India.

Made of: Sterling Silver (92.5%)

Product Code: keb329

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