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The Ujjal Silver Necklace (Oxidised)

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The design of this necklace is inspired by the classic 'Rani-Haar' necklace a vintage design that was elaborate and grand .

This piece uses the same technique of filigree and granulation to create  jewellery that is truly awe-inspiring! Crafted in Sterling Silver (92.5%) it is studded with tiny kemp stones all the minute, pieces that make up the necklace are crafted separately and then joined together with silver clasps

(Note: This is a short necklace that sits close to your neck. Tassle provided at the end for adjusting the length, we can also provide gold-dipped silver links/chain if desired at an extra cost.) 

Product Details : 

Measurements: Length of necklace: 10 ; Width of necklace : 1.25 inches.

Gemstones used: kempu stone (also known as spinel or Zircon)

Made of: Pure Sterling Silver (92.5%)

Gross Weight of product  : 47 grams approx.

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