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The Shri Sai Baba 999 Pure Silver Idol (Small)

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An auspicious gift for any important occasion this  idol of Sai Baba is simply serene.

This idol made from 99.9 pure silver sits on a resin platform that serves to hold it and highlight its beauty , it  is covered with a transparent acrylic case. This is a hollow idol made with the electroforming technique which ensures a high quality finish and gives great clarity and detailing. The bottom of the idol has a ready sticker so that you can stick it onto any hard surface.

This piece is ideal for sticking onto your car dashboard, it can also be used on your desktop, or puja mandap and makes a really memorable gift. The idol comes packaged in a box .

Product Details

Measurements : Height : 2.5 inches ; Width : 1.9 inches .

Gemstones used: None.

Made of: Pure Silver (99.9%) 

Weight of Silver used in product  : 3.67 grams approx.

Size Guide