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The Raksha Silver Antique Bracelet

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There are many designs in traditional Indian jewellery that have been reproduced without any change for centuries. One such example is this `Raksha Kadakam' or protective bracelet worn by women of north Tamil Nadu. The central motif in this bracelet is an abstraction of a double headed `Yali' (a mythical creature,part lion, part elephant and part horse) which acts as a protector to avert the evil eye and protects against misfortune.

Handcrafted in Sterling Silver (92.5%) with great finesse, this is a unique design.

(Note: Please write to us if you are looking for a different size in this bracelet)

Product Details

Measurements : Size (circumference):  2.4 inches ; width : 0.6 inch.

Gemstones used: none.

Made of: Sterling Silver (92.5%)

Product Code: UB0024

Jewellery Type: Bracelets

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