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The Nrtu Silver Kempu Necklace (Oxidised)

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 An exquisite necklace in Sterling Silver (92.5%), handcrafted using traditional techniques but with a unique contemporary design inspiration. Add a unique touch to your wardrobe with this pendant that uses the Apsara (dancing nymph) motif  and natural Pearl to add more allure. Apsaras are dancing nymphs , beautiful supernatural  beings, residents of the celestial realm who entertain the devas (gods), along with gandharvas  (musicians) and occasionally distract the tapasvis (sages) from their penance. An intricately detailed motif of  `Kirtimukha' (glory-face or grotesque-mask that wards off the evil) crowns the figure of the dancing nymph. 

If you like designs that are unique, this piece is for you. It is paired with beautiful kempu earstuds . The pendant is hung on a necklace of tiny handwoven synthetic beads. Two necklaces of red& white beads will be given along with pendant. Pair this with The Apsara Silver Bracelet  for a complete look.

(Note:The necklace can be bought alone or along with the earrings, prices for both are different and both options given.)

Product Details

Measurements: Length of necklace : 13 inches ( Tassle provided at the back to adjust length)

Height of pendant: 2.4 inches; Width of pendant: 1.7 inches.

Height of ear studs: 1.2 inch; Width of ear-studs : 0.8 inch.

Gemstones used:  kempu stone (also known as spinel or Zircon),natural cultured premium-quality Pearl.

Made of: Sterling Silver (92.5%)

Gross Weight of product (Pendant Only) : 23 grams approx.

Size Guide