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The Lakshmi Jomale Silver Necklace (Black)

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This necklace made up of  gold-dipped, silver beads ( which have a unique ribbed design or grooves) , and lakshmi motif coins-  is a traditional centuries old ornament worn by women in south India. It is also a must have piece for a Coorgi bride and an important design in Coorgi Jewellery . It is also called Jomale, Nellikai mani, Nellikaisara in other parts .

The beads are handwoven in black  cotton thread .  

This length of this chain can be customised to be made shorter or longer, mail us if you require customisation. It can also be made in two or three layers . The colour of the thread can also be changed according to your preference.

Product Details

Measurements : Length of  chain : 24 inches (tassle provided to adjust length)

Gemstones used: none.

Made of: Pure Sterling Silver (92.5%)

Size Guide