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The Kamana Silver Layered Pearl Necklace

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A classic and traditional design, this ornate and lengthy necklace in three layers is truly a head-turner.The necklace is made up of  gold-dipped, Sterling Silver (92.5%) beads called Mohanmale which is a traditional centuries old ornament worn by women in south India.The beads have a unique floral design and are handwoven in silver wire  and dipped in 24 karat gold. 

Crafted using techniques used in ancient South Indian antique gold temple jewellery the entire piece is crafted in pure silver and dipped in 24 karat gold.

Product Details

Measurements: Length of necklace : 26 inches (tassle provided to adjust length)

Gemstones used: kempu stone (also known as spinel or Zircon). Natural Pearl

Made of: Pure Sterling Silver (92.5%)

Gross Weight of product  : 84 grams approx.

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