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The Bhavya Gandaberunda Silver Nakkasi Thread Necklace

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One of the most beautiful pendants from our temple jewellery collection this piece  depicts the Gandaberunda motif (mythical two-headed bird used as a royal emblem) . All motifs of this collection are inspired from mythology and have a history behind them. Crafted using techniques used in ancient South Indian antique gold temple jewellery the entire piece is crafted in pure Sterling Silver (92.5%) and gold-dipped . It is fixed on a handwoven cotton thread of maroon colour.

Product Details

Measurements :  Length of  necklace : 18 inches  (tassle provided to adjust length)

Height of pendant : 3.25 inches : Width of Pendant : 2.5 inches.

Gemstones used: None

Made of: Pure Sterling Silver (92.5%)

Gross Weight of product  : 45 grams approx.

Size Guide