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Fine Handcrafted Silver , Order Now!
Fine Handcrafted Silver , Order Now!

The Basant Silver Meenakari Bangles (Blue/Green/Size 2.4/2.6)

Rs. 2,200.00

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A brightly-coloured pair of traditional motif  meenakari bangles handmade from Sterling Silver (92.5%) and embellished with enamel colours using ancient techniques honed over many centuries by the experienced artisans of India. Meenakari jewelry has a timeless appeal and the pieces are usually dramatic, colorful and perfectly suited to wear with traditional Indian outfits. You could choose to buy this bangle as a single piece or in a pair. The price listed is for a single bangle.

Product Details

Measurements:  Size (circumference): 2.4; 2.6 inches.

Gemstones used: none.

Made of: Sterling Silver (92.5%) 

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