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What is KO?

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Every woman has a relationship with her jewellery and KO JEWELLERY celebrates this relationship. 

At KO JEWELLERY you can experience pure silver (sterling 92.5%) jewellery with exquisite designs in handmade perfection, studded with genuine semi-precious stones. (Starting with Silver we hope to expand to all fine jewellery).

With a manufacturing facility located in the coastal city of Karwar, we bring in all rounded expertise in silver jewellery. Our knowledge of silver is unparalled and we are putting our decades of experience in delivering the best to you. 

We offer high quality sterling silver jewellery with the widest variety of designs, covering almost all types of silver jewellery produced in India and abroad. Exquisite designs, unique bespoke pieces, traditional jewellery or contemporary masterpieces, we have them all.

Our online portal has been designed with customer ease in mind, with detailed descriptions of the jewellery  and images showing different views for each product. We have worked hard to ensure 100% secure shopping on our site and provide you safe and insured shipping too.




The KO in KO JEWELLERY stands for KARWAR ORNAMENTS, our manufacturing headquarters based in Karwar - a picturesque little town on the northernmost tip of the Karnataka coast.

Karwar Ornaments was established in 1997 as a manufacturing concern exclusively for silver jewellery . It grew out of the tradition of centuries old craftsmanship in gold jewellery that had taken root in Karwar. It is owned and operated by the Revankar family.

Crafting jewellery here is part of a hoary tradition. It is a centuries old craft where design is not taught, it is a part of you and flows through into everything you do. At Karwar Ornaments, the craftsmen are products of the ancient practice of apprenticeship where young boys were sent to learn the art of jewellery, under the watchful eyes of the master.

Like Indian society itself, design here is not something individualistic,it is attributed to the accumulated wisdom of a society. As a craftsman being part of the whole you reinvent the path. This is the philosophy of design that guides us.

In our own way we have tried to keep tradition alive and yet have re-invented it by employing and training women in the craft of jewellery. A majority of KO's 80 workers are women. We have introduced new designs in keeping with contemporary aesthetic sensibility by bringing in newer processes like enamelling which is found extensively in North Indian jewellery, the repousse and chasing technique used in South Indian temple jewellery and new materials like the semi-precious stone Swiss Mercasite widely used in Thai jewellery to suit traditional designs. Using these KO has introduced its Enamel collection, Marcasite collection and Temple jewellery collection.



Bharat Revankar

Jewellery is part of Bharat's DNA as he hails from a close-knit family of jewellers who have been in this trade for generations.

With more than 25 years of hands-on experience running a jewellery business,and being involved in the jewellery making process end-to-end, Bharat brings a wealth of real-world business knowledge that's hard to beat. These credentials, combined with his passion for constant improvement, growth and modernization played a critical role in making KO Jewellery the leading name in silver jewellery retail today. 

Priya Revankar 

Priya is a journalist by training and entrepreneur by aptitude. She combined her media skills with her entrepreneurial zeal to recreate and scale up the KO brand.

From introducing branding and modern marketing initiatives to personally supervising the design and lighting elements of their flagship stores in Bangalore, she loves to contribute and highlight the value and beauty of the handmade treasures of KO. 

She conceptualized the online venture, and has actively shaped the aesthetics and content of KO Jewellery. Priya is the driving force behind the phenomenal growth that the website has experienced in the past 3 years.

Radhika KG 

A geek and business strategist combined together, Radhika is a marketing & technology consultant who formulates and steers KO's online strategy, from the technical aspects of the website to the more visible social media and online advertising efforts.

Using her in-depth knowledge of the functionings of the online world, she has helmed the website's online marketing initiatives since 2013.


At KO JEWELLERY our motive is not to just complete a sale , we want you to experience and enjoy our jewellery as much as we enjoy making it. We would be honoured by your feedback and suggestions for improvement. 

We love hearing from our customers.If you have interacted with us at any level do send us your feedback at