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Gift Card FAQs

Q) How to buy a Gift Card?

A) Buying a Gift Card is like buying any other product on our website. Simply select the denomination that you would like to purchase, add to cart and pay as you would pay for any other product.


Q) In what denominations are the Gift Cards available?

A)Gift Cards are currently available in denominations of Rs. 1000, Rs.2000, Rs.5000 and Rs.10000.


Q) I can’t find a Gift Card of the value that I am interested in?

A) Our gift card denominations have been chosen to make it convenient for you to purchase a gift card of almost any value above Rs.2000/-. Simply select a combination of denominations to add up to the amount that you desire.


Q) How will I receive the Gift Card?

A) Gift cards are delivered by email.You will receive the Gift Card over email once you make the payment and we receive it. Once you purchase a gift card, it will be emailed to you within 12 hours, along with a unique code that can be redeemed online. You can use it yourself or forward it to your loved ones.This gift card can be printed, or forwarded over email to the person you wish to gift it to.

Q) How can i use the Gift Card?

A) Once you select a product and add it to the cart, then proceed to check-out - on this page you need to put in the unique code that was sent to you via mail and complete the process of placing the order.


Q) What can one buy using the Gift Card?

A) Using the gift card, you can buy any one of the available pure silver, gold-plated silver necklaces, jhumkas, earrings, anklets, toe-rings, watches etc. 


Q) Can a Gift Card be used more than once?

A) Yes, if you have balance on the gift card, you can use it more than once. 


Q) Is it possible to use more than one Gift Card towards a purchase?

A) Yes.


Q) How to check the remaining balance on the Gift Card?

A) There are 2 ways to do this:

1) Check for the balance of the gift card when using it to make a purchase. The balance is shown beside the gift card when you apply it during checkout. 

2) Click on the unique gift card link sent via email when you made the purchase. 


Q) Can I use the Gift Card to pay for shipping and taxes?

A) Yes. 


Q) I have a valid discount code. Can I use that when buying a Gift Card?

A) No. Discount coupons/codes can't be used for purchasing gift cards.


Q) I have a discount code. Can I use that when I am buying a product and paying with a Gift Card?

A) Yes.


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