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The Aarna Silver Bridal Lakshmi Oddiyanam Waist belt

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Variously called `Daabu' , `Vaddanam' , `Oddiyanam' or `Sonta patti' the waist belt is an important component of a bride's attire in South India. And having the imprint of goddess Lakshmi on it makes it all the more auspicious. Here is a pure silver waist-belt in a traditional design, decorated with beautiful rows of silver balls and a central Lakshmi motif embossed on the belt itself , in which the goddess is seated on a lotus and flanked by two elephants. The waist belt is adjustable to any waist size.

Product Details

Measurements : Width of the belt (in front): 2 inches.

Gemstones used: None.

Made of: Pure Silver (85 %).

Gross Weight of product  : 293 grams approx.

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