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The Chaitra Silver Manga Malai Necklace

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The Manga malai or mango necklace is an iconic design in south indian jewellery and its antiquity can be traced to the Chola period. The mango is considered a wish-fulfilling tree and a symbol of love.Combining the two most loved motifs of the mango and the peacock this necklace awes us with the sheer intricacies of design and flawless craftsmanship. 

It is crafted in the ancient 'Kundala Velai' technique of  gem-setting and is composed of linked, mango pendants strung together on a flexible silver cord. Each mango pendant is rendered in three dimensional detail and the back is polished to a smooth finish so that it is comfortable for wear. Few examples of this kind of workmanship exist today .

The necklace uses traditional colours of red,green and white (in ancient times rubies,emeralds and diamonds were used).The necklace is crafted in Sterling (92.5) Silver and gold-dipped in a special process.It is matched with an earring crafted in the same technique.

(Note: Tassle provided at the end for adjusting the length, we can also provide  gold-dipped silver links/chain if desired at an exra cost.The necklace can be bought alone or along with the  earrings, prices for both are different and both options given.) 

Product Details

Measurements: Length of necklace without tassle : 17 inches (tassle provided to adjust length)

Height of pendant : 2.6 inches; Width of pendant : 2 inches;

Height of earring : 2.5 inches ; width of earring: 1.1 inch.

Gemstones used: kempu stone (also known as spinel or Zircon).

Made of: Sterling Silver (92.5%)

Gross Weight of product ( necklace only) : 217 grams approx

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