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The Dayanita Silver Antique Necklace

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Amuletic jewellery and amulet containers have been an important part of the Indian jewellery tradition because imparting protection to the wearer was an important function of jewellery. Amulet boxes (Taweez) that were worn on the persons body were popular - these evolved into elaborate forms of jewellery one example of which is seen here.

This stunning pendant is in the shape of an amulet box , with a panel on top ornamented with floral motifs , the pendant opens up on side. 

Handcrafted in Sterling Silver (92.5%), and oxidised in a special process to give it an antique look this piece is a bold & bespoke piece of statement jewellery that teams effortlessly with indian/western wear.. 

Product Details

Measurements :  Length of Necklace: 18 inches. (tassle provided to adjust length)

Height of Pendant in center : 2 .25 inches; Width of Pendant : 4 inches.

Gemstones used: None

Made of: Pure Sterling Silver (92.5%)

Gross Weight of product (pendant only) : 113 grams approx.

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