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The Svasti Silver Meenakari Thread Necklace(Black/Green)

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Meenakari or enamelling on jewellery is an ancient technique.Use of brilliant colours,intricate design and floral, bird and animal motifs are hallmarks of this colourful and vibrant art. Here we present a lovely leaf shaped Sterling Silver (92.5%) pendant decorated with meenakari work and floral motifs which is handwoven into black cotton thread. It  also has earrings to match. 

Product Details

Measurements: 18 inches (tassle provided to adjust length) 

Height of Pendant : 1.6 inch; Width of Pendant : 2 inch.

Measurements : Height of Earrings : 1 inch; Width of Earrings : 0.75 inch. 

Gemstones used: none.

Made of: Pure Sterling Silver (92.5%)

Gross Weight of product (pendant and earring only)  : 11 grams approx

Size Guide