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The Kirtimukha Silver Thread Necklace

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Heritage temple jewellery with the motif of  `Kirtimukha' (glory-face or grotesque-mask that wards off the evil) .This fierce-looking, swallowing monster face with huge fangs, and gaping-mouth head with its tongue sticking out is extensively used as a decorative motif surmounting the pinnacle; doorways of temples or the images of deities in south Indian architecture. According to mythology Kirtimukha was created from the third-eye of Lord Shiva and is symbolic of the self-destructive nature of the unbridled ego-self in us.

In this handcrafted necklace gold-dipped ; vividly etched, `chased' sterling silver (92.5%) pendants are woven into black cotton thread.

(Note:This is a short necklace that sits around your neck.)

Product Details

Measurements : Length of necklace: 12 inches (Tassle provided at the back to adjust length)

Gemstones used: None.

Made of: Sterling Silver (92.5%)

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