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`Nakkasi’ the jewellery that truly brings the Gods to life (Part 2)

`Nakkasi’ the jewellery that truly brings the Gods to life (Part 2)

In the second part of our blog, we take you on an actual tour of how these gorgeous pieces take shape. The process is almost fully executed by hand and is done the same way it has been for centuries. 

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A laborious process

Jewellery crafted using Nakkasi is extremely time consuming (chasing / repousse takes a lot of time due to the repetition of a number of time-consuming stages); requiring a rare equanimity and presence of mind from the craftsmen. Skill and practice are key, as one wrong step can damage the entire piece .

“ It must be understood that in order to obtain a result not merely excellent in technique but artistic and unmechanical in effect, the blows of the hammer must be made with feeling and “sentiment,” otherwise the result cannot be a work of art” as one practitioner of the art explains.

Though laborious, the Nakkasi technique ensures that complex and delicate pieces can be made which would be virtually impossible to complete using any other method.

Actual making of Nakkasi Jewellery



1.Handmade Design Mould or Dye.



2. A design mould is selected, first a silver sheet is placed above the mould, then a piece of rubber is placed on top.



3. Silver sheet is hammered to get required design from the mould . Then ready design is placed on top of silver base plate and soldered.



4. After soldering the base is cut and rough edges are smoothened by filing with hand.



5. Small designs are made using silver wire and are set around the pendant.



6. After placing the small designs plaster-of-paris is poured above. Once it sets intricate parts are soldered to the design. 



7. After all small designs are soldered the pendant is removed from plaster-of-paris. Pendant is cleaned and set with stones. Lac is filled and gold-dipping done.




8. This is how finished products look.


Connect with this timeless tradition where each handcrafted piece of jewellery is a work of art. Browse our collection of sterling silver nakkasi jewellery here


- Priya Revankar

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