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Mudrika - Silver Cocktail Rings

Bold, fearless and classy – a cocktail ring is a piece of statement jewellery that has been the toast of fashion for decades. Having surfaced in the 1920s in America when the socio-political scene for women was undergoing a sea change – these eccentric pieces provided women a creative outlet to showcase their personality, independence and purchasing power. Part statement, part rebellion – cocktail rings became synonymous with the bold women who dared to be themselves and flaunted these unique pieces as they sipped on illegal concoctions during Prohibition at the very fashionable but prohibited cocktail parties. 

Cocktail rings – from fashion statement to fashion staple

Cocktail rings are no longer confined to cocktail and dinner parties. When carefully chosen, they can add a tasteful upgrade to the simplest of attires. If you are wondering how to style your cocktail ring –  we suggest you choose something colourful and quirky for day time to perk up a casual pair of jeans and make heads turn your way effortlessly. For the dressy evenings, let your imagination run wild with a bold ring that makes a strong statement – a certain conversation starter, we assure you.

Besides, do remember to take care of your hands and nails, treating yourself to the occasional manicure, as a cocktail ring will draw a lot of attention to your hands. It is a good idea to choose a nail paint that complements the colour palette of your ring for a tailored look.

The cocktail ring deconstructed

Cocktail rings have always been dramatic, eye-catching and oversized – worn to attract attention and make an unparalleled style statement. Extravagantly designed, these rings are much larger than the normal rings and usually feature a large, striking stone in the center that is flanked by several smaller gems.

While fine cocktail rings featuring real stones come at a prohibitive price, and are generally heirloom pieces, today, you can find costume cocktail rings that are affordable and can be personalised to match your taste and individuality. Our cocktails rings are made of 925 sterling silver and oxidized for a classy vintage look. The gold finish versions are dipped in 24k gold. The stones are gemstones, albeit the rubies and emeralds are the lower priced versions. You can check the type of gemstones in the description of every product. 

At KO, we have crafted a spectacular range of handmade cocktail rings featuring timeless designs and stunning gemstones set in 92.5 Sterling Silver. Each of these affordably priced rings is glamorous and unique – and you can choose one that complements your personality and mood best without breaking your bank.

Animal-inspired, antique, floral, contemporary…browse our stunning collection of 92.5 silver cocktail rings here, to find your very own statement piece. 

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