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The History and Charm of Glass-Silver Jewellery

The History and Charm of Glass-Silver Jewellery

 Glass and silver is not a combination that everyone knows of. It's hard to imagine how they go together if you are yet to see glass encrusted silver jewellery. If you haven't seen how glass goes with silver, take a look at our latest arrivals. If you are familiar with such silver jewellery, here's your chance to order some of the best designs carefully handpicked by us. If you are wondering how come this unlikely union happened, then read on. 

The History of Glass-Silver Jewellery

Glass has been used to decorate jewellery from ancient times.The technique of using glass inlay in jewellery is very similar to that of mirror work used in architecture. It serves a similar purpose in both, as it brings in light. 

Glass encrusted silver jewellery made in India was a result of Central Asian influence where it was widely used in jewellery. Under Mughal influence glass-worked jewellery became extremely popular. Hyderabad in Sindh, Pakistan and Muradabad in Delhi were famous for their glass-work. The popularity of glass-work jewellery can also be attributed to its low cost.

Coloured glass brings in depth and range to silver jewellery without the use of expensive gems. This is also one reason why tribal jewellery in northern India displays the best use of glass in jewellery. 

In this week's new arrivals we showcase 'hook' jhumkas, earrings and a necklace in Sterling Silver (92.5%) decorated with mirror and coloured glass. Easy to wear these pieces make great accessories that can be paired with a variety of outfits.


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