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The Tanisha SIlver Pendant Set - Green

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Feast your eyes on Turkish Handcrafted Silver Jewelry crafted using 925 Sterling Silver & Semi-Precious Stones. The Tanisha Pendant set is representative of Ottoman style jewelry that is produced in Turkey.

Ornate and extremely colourful Turkish SIlver jewellery stands out due to its use of a variety of metals in each piece and its strict symmetry and balance  mirroring the natural geometry of the gemstones used. 

Traces of bronze are used to give the pendant a golden hue.

(Note: Chain shown in the picture is for illustration only, it is not part of the product.)

 Product Details : 

Measurements : Height of pendant: 2 inches; Height of earring:  1.5 inches

Gemstones used: Ruby, Emerald, Cubic Zirconia.

Place of Origin: Turkey.

Made of: Sterling Silver (92.5%) and traces of Bronze

Note: This picture has been shot in natural light.

Product Code : bnps028

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