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The Kolhapuri Saaj Silver Necklace

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This is a traditional necklace design called the 'Saaj' typical of Maharastra. It is a wedding necklace with 26 pendants; thirteen on each side, woven in thread, each with a different Vaishnavite symbolic meaning and a `thali' at the center. The pendants are stamped emblems symbolising the ten incarnations of Vishnu, and are worn for luck, happiness, fertility and health.

Handcrafted using traditional techniques the entire piece is crafted in pure Sterling Silver (92.5%) and gold-dipped. It comes with a pair of matching earstuds . 

Product Details

Measurements: Length of necklace : 22 inches ( tassle provided to adjust length)

Height of Pendant : 1.2 inches; Width of Pendant : 1.2  inches.

Height of Earring : 0.8 inch ; Width of Earring: 0.8 inch

Gemstones used:  kempu stone (also known as spinel or Zircon).

Made of: Sterling Silver (92.5%) 

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