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The Balagopala Silver Pendant


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A popular story in hindu mythology narrates how a young Krishna slayed `Kaliya' (the King of nagas) who had poisoned the waters of the Yamuna river. Krishna caught hold of the serpent by its tail and danced on its hood forcing him to leave the river. In a symbolic way it indicates Krishna's domestication of the earth's fertility (nagas represent the earth's fertility), for the benefit of his devotees.

Picture this entire story by just looking at this pendant etched in great detail .Crafted using techniques used in ancient South Indian antique gold temple jewellery (gilt and repousse ) the entire piece is crafted in pure Sterling Silver (92.5%) and oxdised .The necklace string is made of unique-shaped hollow Sterling Silver (92.5%) beads woven in silver wire and gold-dipped.The two-tone silver/gold effect enhances the beauty of the necklace which is paired with a pair of earstuds with the image of dancing-nymphs or `apsaras'. 

(Note:The pendant can be bought alone or along with the chain or earrings, prices for all three are different and all options given.) 

Product Details

Measurements : Length of Necklace : 22 inches.

Height of pendant : 2.2 inches : Width of Pendant : 1.6 inch.

Height of Earring: 0.9 inch; Width: 0.5 inch.

Gemstones used:   kempu stone (also known as spinel or Zircon).

Made of: Sterling Silver (92.5%)

Product Code: PP0009

Jewellery Type: Pendants

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