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The Amethyst Drops Silver Bangle(Size 2.6/ 2.7)

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An exquisite and sensous design crafted in Sterling Silver (92.5%) using Amethyst gemstones this bangle will surely turn heads. The gemstones are set using the 'bezel' setting method of holding gemstones which allows the entire beauty of the gems to be displayed. In the bezel setting, a ring of silver holds the gemstone in place thus giving maximum visibility to the stone. The price given is for one single bangle.

For a perfect match pair this bracelet with The Abhit Silver Gemstone Earrings

Product Details : 

Measurements : Size (circumference): 2.6; 2.7 inches .

Gemstones used: faceted Amethyst.

Made of: Sterling Silver (92.5%)

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