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The Blossom Silver Necklace old

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This delicate necklace is as lovely as a blossom. The pendant uses powdered Coral / Malachite decorating it with two rows of shining Swiss Marcasite (in the green version only one row of Swiss Marcasite) interspersed with enamel dots. The necklace string is made of loosely strung and twisted red/green and black beads which frames your neck beautifully. The ear-studs are made to match. Two colours - red and green are available.

Product Details

Measurements: Length: 17 inches

Gemstones used:Swiss Marcasite, Powdered Coral(Red),Malachite (Green)

Place of Origin: Karwar Ornaments, Karwar (Karnataka), India.

Made of: Sterling Silver (92.5%)

Product Code : knns141

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