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The Deepika Silver Kempu Bangle(Size 2.4/2.6)

Rs. 5,000.00

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This elegant Sterling Silver (92.5%) bangle, dipped in gold, is tastefully decorated with oval shaped kempu stones creating a seamless combination of tradition and ethnic chic. The bangle can be worn single or in a pair. The minimalistic design ensures you could even wear it to work on special days. The price mentioned is for a single bangle only.

(Note: All other sizes can be made on request)

Product Details : 

Measurements : Size (circumference):  2.4; 2.6 inches; width : 0.25 inch.

Gemstones used:  kempu stone (also known as spinel or Zircon).

Made of: Sterling Silver (92.5%)

Product code: SB0008

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