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The Durja Silver Maang Tikka (Oxidised)

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Make a unique fashion statement with this `maang tikka' which has the image of Ganesha in the center.Crafted using techniques used in ancient South Indian antique gold temple jewellery the entire piece is crafted in pure silver and oxidised.

Product Details

Measurements:  Length of Maang-tikka : 6 inches

Height of pendant : 1.4 inch; Width of pendant : 1.4 inch.

Gemstones used: none.

Made of: Sterling Silver (92.5%) 

Also called : Maang patta, borla, nethichutty, netti chutti ,papidi billa, papidi tilikam, netti bottu, vagupu chutty, mundale

Gross Weight of product  : 11 grams approx.

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